Two Face/Harvey Dent

Here is where you’ll find all the actors who played the toughest District Attorney of Gotham City who ended up being one of Batman’s enemies, Two-Face. Stick around and read some more, you just may be in for a little surprise. A flip of the coin is how Harvey Dent/Two-Face always made his decisions, how he got this coin has a few different stories attached to it as well. In some they say it was the coin of a murdered mob boss and it helped convict the guy who ended up disfiguring Dent and in others it belonged to his abusive father. When Dent first appeared in 1942 in comic #66, his name was Harvey Kent but was later changed because they didn’t want him confused with Superman’s Clark Kent so they changed it to Harvey Dent instead. District Attorney Harvey Dent was, at one time, the toughest DA against Crime Lords in Gotham City until that fateful day when the left side of his face was hideously disfigured. Like everything else in the Comic world there’s many different ways he was disfigured but the basics were always the same. Either acid, oil or electrical. Looking at himself in the mirror continuously after his disfiguring is what drove him insane.

Billy Dee Williams b. April 6, 1937

The Original Harvey Dent

Some people tend to forget the very first face of Harvey Dent was in Batman with Michael Keaton and that face belonged to actor, artist, writer and singer Billy Dee Williams. He wasn’t Two-Face tho, just Harvey. Altho he took the role with the knowledge that he would be in the sequel to play Two-Face as well and so he had no problem signing a “pay or play” contract. When they came out with the ’95 version of Batman, Williams was overlooked but he got paid any way so they could cast Tommy Lee Jones as Dent/Two-Face. Billy Dee Williams was born William December Williams, Jr. and has a twin sister, Loretta. Over his 40 plus years, Williams has played in three different daytime soap operas, Another World (1964), Guiding Light (1966) and most recently General Hospital (2009). He also did a couple of nighttime soaps as well, Dynasty (1984-85 in which he played the husband to Diahann Carroll who was an old classmate of William’s) and General Hospital, Night Shift (2007, a spinoff from the daytime soap General Hospital). His movie debut tho was in 1959 in The Last Angry Man but it wasn’t until his role in Lady Sings The Blues (1972) with Diana Ross that he really got noticed, then in 1975 he was once again paired with Diana Ross in Mahogany. Before he became Harvey Dent however, he played Lando Calrissian in both Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983). A role which set him financially so he could pursue his true passion, painting. But at 72 years of age he’s still acting in the movies and he’s one of those guys who has aged extremely well. He’s still as hot as he was when he played Francis Cardozo in 1994 in North and South Book III: Heaven and Hell.

Williams has been married three times, first to Audrey Sellers, with whom he had a son Corey (b. 1960). They were divorced a few years later. Williams was briefly married to actress Marlene Clark in the late 1960s, divorced in 1971. He married Teruko Nakagami on December 27, 1972. She brought a daughter, Miyako (b. 1962), from her previous marriage to musician Wayne Shorter.) They have a daughter Hanako (b. 1973). They filed for divorce in 1993 but were reported to have reconciled in 1997.

Tommy Lee Jones b. September 15, 1946

The First Two Face Actor

Go figure, going from a police officer’s son (his mother was a police officer, teacher and owned a beauty shop) to a Harvard student graduating cum laude with a degree in English to District Attorney turning into Two-Face, with a lot more of my favorite before, during and after as well. It’s hard for me to pick which one of Tommy Lee Jones’s movies I like the most cause they’re all pretty equal to me. Starting out in 1971 in the soap opera One Life To Live and lasing 8 years on it doing a few other tv episodes along the way too such as Barnaby Jones (’76), Baretta (’76) and Charlie’s Angels (’76). Then in 1980 he got the role of “Mooney” (Loretta’s husband) in Coal Miner’s Daughter (the life of Loretta Lynn) playing opposite Sissy Spacek. By the 1990s, Tommy Lee was a much sought after actor with hits like JFK’(91), Under Seige (’92) The Fugitive (’93) and US Marshalls (’98), Men In Black (’97) and Natural Born Killers (’94) in addition to his role as Two-Face in Batman Forever (’95). In 2005, Jones decided to have a try at directing with the western crime drama The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada in addition Jones also owns the ranch which served as the set for this movie. After having several more hit movies the most ironic I think would be No Country For Old Men. As we all know Two-Face always makes his decisions based on the flip of his coin. Well in No Country For Old Men, Jones plays a middle-aged Texas sheriff who chases an assassin that kills random victims by asking them to call in a coin toss. Altho I love all Tommy Lee’s movies, in my own opinion, he should never have been cast as Two-Face. I just don’t see him as the “Harvey Dent” type.  Jones was married to Kate Lardner from 1971 to 1978. Jones has two children from his second marriage to Kimberlea Cloughley, Austin Leonard (born 1982) and Victoria Kafka (born 1991) and on March 19, 2001, he married his third wife, Dawn Laurel.

Aaron Eckhart b. March 12, 1968

The First Actor To Play Both Harvey Dent and Two-Face

So here’s a little surprise for you. Aaron Eckhart the latest actor to play Harvey Dent/Two-Face started out in 1992 in a movie called Double Jeopardy, this movie was about Jack Hart (Bruce Boxleitner) lives with his lawyer wife (Sela Ward) and young daughter and enjoys a wonderful life. Jack’s old girlfriend, Lisa (Rachel Ward), comes into town and they have an affair. Lisa kills her current boyfriend in self-defense and Jack witnesses the whole thing. Lisa goes on trial for murder with Jack’s wife as her lawyer. As the movie progresses Lisa’s devious side becomes known and make for an interesting conclusion and by coincidence his predecessor Tommy Lee Jones just happened to star in a movie of the same name, Double Jeopardy in 1999 with Ashley Judd, Jones plays Judd’s parole officer. The difference in the movies? Eckhart’s was made for television. To further the coincidence, in 2003 both Two-Faces, Eckhart and Jones both played in the movie The Missing but before that. in 2001, Eckhart played with Jack Nicholson in The Pledge, Nicholson playing the role of Joker, another of Batman’s enemies and the instigator in Dent’s disfiguring. Coincidences or fate?

Richard Moll b. January 13, 1943

The Voice Over Actor Of The Animated Batman’s Two-Face

With over 100 roles in television and movies, Richard Moll will always be remembered the most for his role as Bull Shannon on the sitcom Night Court in the 80′s. Being 6’8″ he was pretty much limited in the roles he got. He was one of the title characters in the 1972 TV movie Gargoyles, was seen as an abominable snowman in Caveman (1981), and played various and assorted hulking goons in such adventure flicks as Metalstorm (1982) and The Sword and the Sorceror (1984). Then in 1992 he became the voice over actor who played Harvey Dent/Two-Face.